You’ll love the thoughtful architecture of Subspace

Event Tracking & Event Sourcing

You can track events and react to their values. With Subspace observables doing event sourcing is easy.

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import { $average, $latest } from "@embarklabs/subspace";

const rating$ = Product.events.Rating.track().map("rating"));

rating$.pipe($latest(5), $average()).subscribe((rating) => {
  console.log("average rating of the last 5 events is " + rating)

Tracking State

You can track changes to a contract state variable, by specifying the view function and arguments to call and query the contract.

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const productTitle$ = ProductList.methods.products(0).track().map("title");
  productTitle$.subscribe((title) => console.log("product title is " + title));

Tracking balances

You can also track changes in both ETH and ERC20 token balances

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const address = "0x0001020304050607080900010203040506070809";

subspace.trackBalance(address).subscribe((balance) => {
  console.log("ETH balance is ", balance)

subspace.trackBalance(address, "0x744d70fdbe2ba4cf95131626614a1763df805b9e").subscribe((balance) => {
  console.log("SNT balance is ", balance)

React integration

Subspace can make any React component compatible with observables

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